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Whats the Perfect Grind for Coffee?

Sometimes, the best tasting cup of coffee is the one that you spend the little extra time on. The smallest steps can make a big difference in the way that your coffee tastes, from the temperature of the water to the correct weight of coffee. The one thing that has an impact on the taste of your coffee above all else, though, is the grind of your beans. The grinding of your coffee is likely the most crucial step in the process, and below, you're going to discover the perfect grind for your coffee Perth has to offer.
It's In The Grinder
kay so, every single delicious cup of coffee starts with coffee beans that are freshly ground. Sure, pre-ground beans are nice enough for an instant caffeine hit, but grinding right before you use them releases the freshest flavour. The best bit? It doesn't have to be a mammoth job that takes all your time!
There are four types of grinders that you can decide between:
Blade Grinders
These are the cheapest range for general coffee making, such as the Braun brand on the market. While these types of grinders can be handy to have, they're not the best out there! They hack the beans to pieces, which makes for an uneven grind. The hot motor? That can burn the coffee, which doesn't do much for the taste.
Burr Grinders
The answer to the better grind is in the burr grinder. These are commonly used with disks that smash all the beans into the right grind size. These can also scorch the beans, though, especially if it gets too hot.
Conical Burr Grinders
Slightly more expensive but worth it is the conical burr grinders. They give precision in their grinds for even beans, and they remain cool - no burnt beans for you!
Hand Grinders
For the budget coffee connoisseur, hand grinders take a ton of effort to get a small brew going, but they do the same job as the fancy ones on the market.
Understanding That Grind
For the best coffee, you need to understand the different grind sizes and what they do for your taste buds. Let's take a look:
Coarse Grind
Larger granules of coffee are leftover from the grinder, and these are the preferred size for those early morning percolators. That French press you have with your croissants? They like the large, coarse granules.
Medium Grind
You've seen and felt granulated sugar, so you'll know roughly what medium coffee granules look like. These are great for drip coffee makes and vacuum, but they're not great for espresso despite its thinner consistency.

Fine Grind
This is the perfect grind for espresso cups of coffee. It's like coffee powder rather than coffee granules, and it can be used with filter brews perfectly for that rich coffee taste

Pulverized Coffee
Even finer than the fine grind out there, pulverized coffee is the Turkish coffee we all love and needs a special grinder to get the floury consistency from the beans. Now you know how to grind, which is the perfect one for you?