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Tips for Cleaning your Coffee Machine

Cleaning your coffee machine might not stand out as the most enjoyable of tasks, but a clean machine will run like a dream. Seriously, the quality of the coffee you brew will be noticeably different while it can also extend the life of your brewing facilities. Fun? No. Essential? Definitely.

The good news is that keeping your coffee machine in perfect condition is a lot simpler than probably fear. Follow these 10 simple steps, and you’ll be amazed by the results that follow.

1| Remove, clean, and wipe the filter basket on a regular basis – probably several times a day in busy coffee houses. Combine this with cleaning and wiping the portafilters on an equally frequent basis for maximum results.

2| Wipe the filter basket clean to keep it dry between shots. This prevents the threat of dripping from the portafilter, which will leave the rest of the machine looking clean. It can also stop messy liquids from reaching the countertops.

3| Always wipe the shower screen prior to purging water. This encourages the liquids to act in a more consistent manner throughout the water displacement process, which will allow the screen to do its job more efficiently.

4| Clean she shower screen at the end of each day to restore the brand new appearance. Remove the screen (if it is a removable one) before cleaning, wiping, and reattaching to the machine in preparation of step five.

5| Backflush specialised Espresso clean chemicals through the machine, ensuring that the shower screen is fixed in place. Once complete, wipe away any remaining coffee bean particles away from the machine.

6| Purge between each shot to help prevent powder buildups within the grouphead. Not only will this keep the machine clean, but it’ll ensure that each drink you brew is made with the intended volumes of powder.

7| Clean the grinding chamber whenever you change coffees or at the end of the day, whichever comes first. There are plenty of plungers and tools on the market to unclog the collar and other key parts of the grinder.

8| Clear the drip trap by hand. Wiping the coffee particles way rather than flushing them down the drain line will prevent clogs and smells. You can take this even further by flushing water through the drain line each day.

9| Purge the groupheads with 1.5 litres of water each day. This ensures that the water being used at any given time is fresh, preventing the threat of stale water creeping into the coffees that you brew for far better quality.

10| Clean the outside of the machine as you go along to prevent staining and other issues that could grow over time. Even when it doesn’t directly influence the quality of the coffee, it encourages you to stay on top of the other tasks.

A clean coffee machine is essential for any barista. When combined with clean cups and quality ingredients, you’ll be sure to achieve consistent results for many years to come.