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December 21, 2018
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January 16, 2019

The Secrets Behind Australian Coffee

When imagining countries that are synonymous for great coffee, few people would initially think of Australia. Costa Rica? Absolutely. Italy? Clearly - but Australia? Not so much. Yet despite this, coffee has become a staple of Australian life, enjoying a coast-to-coast popularity that shows no signs of waning. It’s tempting to characterise the acceptance of coffee into Australian lifestyle as a new, rather curious change, but the roots of coffee culture in Australia actually date far further back. While tea was initially the drink of choice for the early settlers, the second world war changed this preference forever. The charge was primarily led by Greek and Italian migrants, who introduced the Australian populace to espresso and the concept of coffee - a practice that was swiftly adopted. While the initial wave was originally found in Melbourne, popularity soon grew, eventually settling into the fabric of Australian life. It’s worth asking, then, how coffee became so popular. While any coffee is a delight, the key to its popularity is usually found in the secrets that help to ensure Australian coffee is as delicious and inviting as it can possibly be.

An Australian approach to coffee

In most countries, coffee is seen as a way of boosting energy and improving mental clarity; a go-to when you need a fresh start for the day. In Australia, however, coffee is more traditionally used as a method of relaxation and indulgence, which is naturally followed by a desire for great coffee that helps to amplify these feelings.

Great baristas

Creating the perfect cup of coffee is an art, and one that Australian baristas - including those here at Voodoo Cafe - have become particularly skilled in. In fact, Australian baristas have enjoyed international acclaim for their coffee-making skills.

Industry enthusiasm

The coffee industry in Australian is a buoyant one, fuelled by people who love coffee and want to ensure it is always produced to the highest possible standard. This has led to the development and inclusion of state-of-the-art equipment, innovations, and improvements in the availability of quality coffee beans. The industry has also been bolstered by a relatively stable economy, which has led to a higher willingness to invest in producing the outstanding coffee that Australians have come to expect.

A growing international reputation

At the top of this piece, we mentioned the fact that few people associate Australia with coffee - an undeniable truth among the general public, but not so amongst industry professionals. Those in the know have long recognised the contributions of Australians to the coffee world and, in particular, the success of the “Flat White” - a coffee that was created here in Australia in the 1980s. While it may take a while longer for the association of coffee and Australia to reach the average global citizen, coffee insiders have long known about - and celebrated - the value Australian coffee is able to bring to the marketplace. At Voodoo Cafe, we have sought to combine all of the above secrets in order to produce the high-quality coffee that we know our customers expect. If you’re looking to try the best coffee Perth has to offer, then look no further; visit Voodoo Cafe today for a coffee experience like no other.