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December 7, 2018

The Keys To Smelling Coffee

Did you know that science has shown that 80% of the flavours that we taste come from what we smell? It’s why you lose your sense of taste when you experience anosmia linked to a head cold or a flu: our taste buds can only identify five flavours, which are;
  • Sweet
  • Sour
  • Bitter
  • Salty
  • Umami - savouriness!
Everything else? Determined by the schnozz in the middle of your face. So, when you think about it, your experiences with things like coffee are not just determined by the silky smooth taste on the tongue, but on the hit of aroma on the back of the nose and in the nostrils. Developing your senses - especially if you are a frequenter of coffee Perth cafes and establishments - is vital if you want to truly appreciate a good cup of coffee. No one teaches you how to smell and taste, unless you do wine tastings… but you may get judged for knocking back wine on the morning commute. So, you need to learn the key to smelling coffee instead, because that way, you get the full 360 experience of coffee.  
An aroma kit can help! When you are learning to smell and taste together and discern what you can taste vs what you are sniffing, you need a great aroma kit to help you to train yourself into recognising your senses and what they are picking up. There are two ways to use a kit like this:
  • You read the entry in the book, smell the coffee and try to remember that scent.
  • Or you can go for the deduction method.
The deduction method is one that makes you try to smell and discern the aroma. You’re smelling each bottle of scent, and your brain tries to connect the scent to a memory. If you were told to remember the smell of freshly cut grass, your brain will immediately take you to the last place that you were when you smelled fresh grass. It could be a summery day in the country, but that scent will always be associate with a memory. You’ll note the scents that you breathe in as you make your way through the kit, from woody to acidic and even to chemical. This is one the best ways that you can determine what you are smelling. It may sound like guesswork, but it can say a lot about your sense of smell if you can link a scent directly back to a memory or time in life that you remember extremely well. If you are a barista, or a lover of coffee Perth, you need to think about investing in an aroma kit. The only way you’re truly going to manage to sell quality coffee is if you can nose it and describe it accurately to the buyer. We shouldn’t ever doubt our own senses, and a refractometer tells you the quality of the coffee from the bean, not whether what you are tasting is any good.
Deepen your experience and connection, and wake up and smell the coffee - in more detail than ever before!