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How Bad Is Caffeine For You?

When we wake up each morning, many of us go straight for a coffee to start the day. According to the International Coffee Organization, approximately 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every day!

At Voodoo Coffee, we aim to serve the people of Perth great, quality coffee from our team of special, hand-picked baristas. But, the question we often get asked is - Just how bad is caffeine really for you? For your health, for your mind, and for your body?

What Caffeine Does

The main ingredient in coffee is caffeine, caffeine activates the central nervous system and combats weariness and improves attentiveness and attention. Lasting from 15 minutes to as much as 6 hours it stimulates the brain to make you more alert and switched on.

Health Benefits

Thorough research and studies has shown that coffee can reduce the risk of liver, mouth and throat cancer. Caffeine has also been proven to help with positive effects on the brain and boost long term memory.

Negative Effects

If caffeine is consumed in high doses there are common symptoms which this can lead to, just like over-consumption with any kind of stimulant, it’s believed that anything more than 500 - 600mg of caffeine in a day can lead to effects such as muscle tremors, a bad stomach, rapid heartbeat, restlessness, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia – All of which will wear off in time but something that can completely put coffee or potential new coffee drinks off having a cup.

With these coffee and caffeine facts in mind, our internal Voodoo Coffee family tend to put the focus of our special Perth coffee on the health benefits you can receive over the negative effects which is why you should come pop in, say hi to our friendly staff and grab your next coffee from us!

See you Perth's best coffee shop, Voodoo Coffee soon!