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Does drinking hot coffee in summer really cool you down?

Too hot to drink a warm coffee in summer? Think again. When’s it’s a scorching dry summer’s day in Perth, most of us reach for an icy cold bevy to cool us down. But what if we told you to ditch it for a hot coffee instead? You betcha!

Let’s turn to the scientists to explain this one.

Studies show consuming a hot drink can lower the amount of heat stored inside your body. And it’s all to do with sweating, in particular the evaporation of sweat.

When our body is hot we sweat, which is vital for cooling the body down.

Much like eating a spicy curry, enjoying a hot drink will cause us to sweat more. It happens because when the drink is consumed, receptor senses on your tongue and throat respond to the heat, sending messages to your brain, causing the body to sweat at an increased rate.

Although you may initially feel hot while drinking, as the sweat from your body starts to evaporate (water evaporates quickly from the skin), it brings on a cooling effect.

So the more you sweat, the more your body will cool as the sweat evaporates, which increases heat loss – essentially reducing your core body temperature.

Of course if it’s a humid day the sweat on your body won’t evaporate, so in this instance a cold coffee brew is your best option. At Voodoo Coffee Bar we have iced coffee as well as our very own cold brew on tap.

Voodoo Perth open late

With the balmy nights keeping us out longer, you don’t have to worry about where to get your late night coffee fix. We’re Perth’s only late night coffee bar, serving up special coffee blends until 10pm every night of the week.

Next time you’re looking for things to do in Perth city, visit us for a quick pit stop and we’ll give you the low down on what’s happening.

This summer enjoy a hot coffee Perth!