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Coffee Before Bed - Yes or No?

Coffee is everyone’s one true love. From a small espresso shot to a tall latte with all the trimmings; we all love indulging in this caffeine-infused treat. It’s a great way to start the day, but what about drinking it in the evenings?

A lot of people get home from work, they start to relax, have dinner, and they want a nice cup of coffee before bed. Is this a smart thing to do?

What happens when you have coffee before bed?

The thing with coffee is that it contains a fair amount of caffeine. This is essentially a stimulant, and it’s been proven to affect your energy levels. Basically, if you drink coffee, you’ll get an energy boost. If you drink coffee a few hours before going to bed, then your body isn’t ready to shut down and send you to sleep. As a result, you’re very likely to experience sleep problems and a restless night.

Should I stop drinking coffee?

Absolutely not! It’s actually got a lot of health benefits too, thanks to all the antioxidants in a typical cup of coffee. All we’ll say is that you should stop drinking it before bed. Having a cup in the morning is fine, and you can space out a few others throughout the day. But, maybe stop at around 4 small cups, and don’t drink any after 4 or 5 pm!

So, coffee before bed is a big no, but coffee any other time is a big yes! If you’ve got a craving for some coffee in Perth, then don’t wait too late to get it in you.