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July 4, 2019
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August 27, 2019

Are you an eco-friendly coffee drinker?

Here at Voodoo coffee bar, not only do we serve up the best coffee in Perth, we’re also a pretty down to earth bunch who cares about reducing our coffee environmental footprint.

It’s crazy to think every half hour in the day, around 50,000 cappuccinos are consumed in Australia. And that’s just cinos! So, how much of what we produce and throw away is actually environmentally friendly?

Here’s how you can ensure your next cup of coffee is more sustainable.

BYO Coffee Cup

Got a KeepCup or reusable mug? Then use it! Forego the disposable coffee cup and bring it with you when you next hit a Perth coffee shop.

It’s estimated that we as a nation throw away 1 billion hot drink cups each year. And sadly, coffee cups are not as recyclable as you might think. Most cups are made of a plastic lining, which is hard to recycle, so they end up in landfill where it can take 50 years to break down.

Opt for organic and fair trade coffee

This refers to coffee that is not treated with any harmful toxic chemicals, which can contaminate the air, water or land. Drinking organic coffee also has its health benefits, as it contains various vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants the body thrives on.

Coffee carrying the fair trade symbol means it has been produced using environmentally sustainable methods. Supporting fair trade coffee also helps ensure farmers in developing countries are paid fairly.

Choose a green coffee machine

What do we recommend when investing in a coffee machine at home? Go for an eco-friendly coffee machine or manual coffee maker.

The coffee pod craze is having a serious impact on the environment, with millions of pods ending up in landfill each year. Most pods are made up of aluminium and plastic, which your local council can’t recycle easily, so throwing them in your recycling bin won’t do any good.

In the case of Nespresso, they’re addressing environmental concerns with their own recycling program. You can drop off your used pods across 19,000 collection points in Australia. Their aluminium coffee capsules are recycled into drink cans, bicycles, computers and back into new capsules.

If you own a drip coffee maker, try a permanent coffee filter to cut down on waste, rather than the traditional paper variety.

Recycle your coffee grounds

Instead of throwing away your used coffee grounds – why not compost them or incorporate them directly into your garden? The nitrogen in coffee is a powerful fertiliser for your soil, and coffee grounds are also a great barrier to keep creepy crawlies out of the garden.

By making the right choices about the coffee you drink, you too will be doing your bit to help the environment.

Life’s too short for bad coffee, try Voodoo Coffee today – Perth’s late night coffee spot.