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5 tips to becoming a great coffee barista in Perth

What does it take to make a great coffee in Perth? While quality and freshness of the beans is crucial, so too is the person making it.

Coffee baristas didn’t exist 40 years ago, but today any Perth coffee lover would be lost without one. Being a barista these days for many, is a full time gig. And while making coffees might look easy enough, it takes time to properly master the espresso machine and ensure a perfect cup of coffee every time.

There’s nothing worse when your morning cup of coffee is a letdown. So how can we make sure it’s not? We asked our top baristas at Voodoo Coffee Perth to share their tips on getting the job done right.

Get up to speed on your coffee knowledge

In an industry that is forever evolving, a great barista will stay on top of the latest coffee trends and brew methods – beyond just the basic barista training.

Understanding origins, production, processing, roasting and coffee flavour profiles, puts everything into perspective when you’re pulling that espresso shot for your customer. And if a customer asks for a rich coffee, will you know what to recommend?

Be consistent

Everyone expects a great coffee and as a barista being meticulous and consistent is key. Stick to your espresso extraction ratio and save the experimenting for after hours. Respect the machinery and you’ll produce high quality coffee every single time.

Learn to multitask and clean as you go

There’s not much separating you and your customers. They can pretty much see everything that goes on around your counter, and let’s face it aesthetics matter.
A sloppy and dirty service area doesn’t look great for business. Not only do you need to be a gun at making coffees around the clock, you should be able to swiftly multitask and keep your counter clean (that goes for any customer seating areas too).

Don’t forget to smile

You’re in the business of serving people, so it’s not enough to be good at making coffees. The next customer in line won’t know you’ve been up early and on your feet for hours, or that you just experienced the customer from hell. As hard as it sometimes might be, always smile, be friendly and make your coffee shop a pleasing space to enter.

Get to know the regulars by name. Remembering their orders each day will go a long way.

Make them a coffee you’re proud of
Coffee is your passion. You love to make coffee just as much as you like to drink it. So for every coffee you serve, make it a masterpiece.
Keeping up with streams of customers is a challenge for every barista, but never lose sight of your art. There’s nothing more satisfying for a customer when they get a perfectly poured coffee that tastes as amazing as it looks.

Want to see our awesome baristas at work? Come visit the crew at Voodoo Coffee bar for the best coffee in Perth. We’re the only late night coffee joint in the Perth CBD open every day of the week from 6am ‘til 10pm.